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Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and soul,

Flavors Of Lucknow has efficiently proved his mantra of life.

With great love for food, Photography and Marketing as the medium for social media , Flavors Of Lucknow by Abhishek Agarwal came a long way with lovers from all over the town , for the food posts and Exclusive Brand promotion ideas. Flavors of lucknow is an Influencer marketing platform and takes pride in reviewing more than 300 food place in town and outside, that includes the hidden gems of the city and Multi national brands as well. Besides the influencer marketing and Blogging, Flavors of lucknow has been associated with lots of brands for social media consulting,branding,PR and Marketing.

About The Founder- Abhishek Agarwal

Abhishek Agarwal -Founder and director of flavors of lucknow is one of the most prominent faces and a youth entrepreneur of Lucknow. With years of experience in Business consulting, Digital marketing and Business Startups, Abhishek started flavors of Lucknow in 2017 as a Blogging channel to promote the local vendors of lucknow on Social media platforms. Gradually things went big and Flavors of lucknow became Lucknow’s favourite platform for all the upcoming brands to be promoted on with the exclusive influencer marketing and branding strategies . Featured in prominent magazines, Abhishek Agarwal is one of the most celebrated food Blogger from Lucknow.

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Few Clients And Associtions

We review each and every place thoroughly on various factors such as food quality and of course taste matters the most, restaurant cleanliness, worthiness, quality of customer service, ambiance, dining experience, unique factor, food presentation, value for money and lot more. We let our audience engage with the brand and it’s products on all our social media platforms using various tools like polls, questions,campaigns and lot more. Maintaining regular posting gives an instant boost to the brand awareness and also to the sales figures.

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Also, we put regular posts on all great events, cafes, new restaurants, fests and more happening in Lucknow  every day or weekends to let our audience know everything and plan and live life bigger and better. Checkout here.