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Amp up your same old boring meals ft. Neelkanth Sweets Lucknow



Amp up your same old boring meals ft. Neelkanth Sweets Lucknow

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Will it be right to say that above cheerful, lazy and gloomy moods swings there are major mood swings kum cravings for “Pani-Puri, Aloo Tikki and of course Mithaaaa!”

Neelkanth Sweets Lucknow makes a wide range of sweets right from desi and contemporary fusions to premium ones along with dope savoury grubs which really stand out with their excellent quality and taste. We believe sweet and savoury go hand in hand, don’t they?

Neelkanth Sweets Lucknow

They have maintained all top notch safety and hygiene measures as per the government guidelines. Usage of automatic machines in food production further ward off the risk to freely order food online at the comfort of your home or office.

• Breakfast Picks & Evening Fillers

For Lucknow folks best kinda morning breakfast is for sure Garam-Garam Khasta with Dry Aloo or a Platter of Poori Bhaji with Lassi in siders. Also, the most classic combination of hot & crispy Kesariya Jalebis with some Dahi is for sure to lift up any kind of mood.

Monsoon is the perfect time to enjoy and gorge on lip-smacking hot and spicy or sweet dishes. With more than 10 varieties of Chaats like Khasta Chaat, Kurkuri Nimbu Masala Matar, Aloo Tikki, Palak Chaat, Basket Chaat and more, Neelkanth Sweets Lucknow will make you wish rains, rains and more rains because the perfect feels you get.

You’ll can order for any of their Bakery items like White/ Brown Breads, Buns, Jeera Puffs and Biscuits, all promised to be “FRESHLY” delivered to your doorstep.

• Post Lunch/Dinner Sweets-

Do we need a specific reason or occasion to indulge in sweets? Nah! They are meant to be savoured and devoured as and when uninvited cravings creep in. Some unique fusions which they make and we love are- Fennel/ Chilli/ Cardamom Kaju Katli, Mamra Badam Barfi, Mango Duo, Anjeer Rolls and many other premium quality and taste Mithai.

Hey! If Mann Mein Laddu Phoota?” have Motichoor Laddu, its their hot seller. Neelkanth Sweets Lucknow is open- Walk-ins, Takeaway or Online Orders– choice is yours.

Visit them– Hazratganj, Gomti Nagar, Nirala Nagar. Also, shortly Neelkanth sweets will be launching a New Mega outlet on Ayodhya Highway.

For online order– WhatsApp or Call – 91+ 6391587777 or Swiggy | Zomato

Pure Veg fine dining restaurant – Neelkanth sweets doesn’t just limit here! They do delicious North and South Indian food in Lucknow under their venture called – Greens Restras. Check out more about

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