Gold ki chidiya ya gujiya. Chhappan Bhog is selling gold gujiya worth ₹50k
Home Food Gold ki Chidiya ya Gujiya? Chhappan Bhog has taken Lucknow by a storm with gujiya worth ₹50,000/- kg
Gold ki Chidiya ya Gujiya? Chhappan Bhog has taken Lucknow by a storm with gujiya worth ₹50,000/- kg



Gold ki Chidiya ya Gujiya? Chhappan Bhog has taken Lucknow by a storm with gujiya worth ₹50,000/- kg

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Indian festival celebrations means the entire family munching on table full of variety of sweets and savoury items. Same pinch no?

Holi too is synonym to thandai, half-moon shaped mithai aka gujiya and colours, of course.

Chappan bhog Lucknow, an iconic mithai shop known for its high-quality sweets and this holi they are making some fresh delectable gujiya in 10+ variety but what is this “gold gujiya” worth ₹50,000 per kg?  *Jaw drop*

To diet- “bura na mano holi hai”

This place won’t let you down with its lip-smacking gujiya in all different flavours. Traditional gujiya is prepared in pure desi ghee besides khoya it is filled with nuts, sugar and spices. They also have sugar free and baked gujiya options available for diet conscious people though diet and mithai don’t go well together!

In the premium variety they have Pista, Badam, Kaju, Anjeer Gujiya and lot more which are delectable. Our personal favourite was the adorable baby gujiya” which tasted absolutely delightful.

Add them to your Holi lunch or snack menu and you’re going to have a pretty happy set of guests leaving your home without a doubt.

Mouth full of Gold

Chhappan bhog has been carrying forward the legacy since ages and justifying the award for the most innovative products. Consuming gold has numerous benefits we are unaware of. This “golden gujiya” worth ₹50,000 has gold in its filling and is covered in pure “gold Vark” definitely making it look rich and a medium of showing “ultimate honour”.

Hey! Don’t miss your partners in foreign rn

We’re sure your friends & relatives living in foreign majorly miss gujiyas on every holi. Why not make it up as Chhappan Bhog Lucknow delivers sweets and namkeens around the globe with their worldwide courier facility. For that you can just simply visit their website or call them and place your order. Voila !

If you are busy prepping at home because of holi, SWIGGY IT.


Location- No. 311, Prabhu Dayal Marg, Sadar Bazar, Cantonment, Lucknow.


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