BurgerFry Lucknow has set ultimate burger challenge. Beat the record- win
Home Food Ultimate Burger Challenge has been set! Can you beat the record and win the Prize?
Ultimate Burger Challenge has been set! Can you beat the record and win the Prize?



Ultimate Burger Challenge has been set! Can you beat the record and win the Prize?

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Do you think you are a big foodie?

If yes, but without attempting any crazy food challenges,naaah ! then this is for you !

BurgerFry restaurant located in Gomti Nagar has already acquired the empire of best Burger in Lucknow because of the taste, quality and value for money it serves. They have come up with an ultimate Burger Challenge so are you ready to be crowned as KING or QUEEN of Burgers?

EAT ALL ABOUT IT ( A little faster)


In #burgerfrychallenge all you need to do is to complete a meal of 3 items as quick as possible. The meal will consists of a coke and single patty burger with french fries. That’s all ! No twists, No rules, it’s just the time you need to beat.

Participants can choose any burger from the menu. Veg or Non-veg. You can also select your bun which can be wheat, charcoal, whole grain or beetroot bun.

This Food challenge sounds like a real fun when you have friends to play and compete along for the winning and prize.

Keep A Strategy Handy

  • Dunking all at once with coke is a great strategy to win, but please don’t make gross to watch!
  • Select a light burger, like Channa Kebab Burger or Chettinad Burger which are flavoursome yet not too heavy.
  • And of course the best one is to visit with empty stomach.

What’s in for winning ?

Participants can visit BurgerFry anytime and do the challenge. You’ll find a wall of fame board with the fastest time record set by others in that week which you need to beat for the winning. The best part is they will be announcing winner every week on their Instagram page.

Prize– BurgerFry Voucher of whooping worth of ₹999/- which you can redeem anytime at BurgerFry.

BurgerFry Instagram Handle- https://instagram.com/burgerfry 

Location- Plot no. D, Ground floor, 02, Vivek Khand 2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.


Check beat of FOL Picks from BurgerFry Lucknow restaurant here. 

Tick tick tick ! The time is ticking How fast you can be ?

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